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December 12, 2014

PBIS news


December’s Skill of the Month: RESPONSIBLE by CARING

This month we are focusing on being Responsible by being Caring. During this month we are asking students to think about what it means to be Responsible to you and to others. Teachers will be giving out Leo Bucks to students who show responsibility by caring when they see students showing self-control and being kind and helpful to other.

Be Responsible by Caring for Your Community

December 15th-19th

Help your child care for their community. An example of this might be donating toys they no longer play with to Good Will or helping a neighbor shovel their driveway.

Teacher and staff will be giving out Leo Bucks to those students showing caring either in the classroom community or the school community by being kind and helpful to others.

Your Leggee PBIS Team

Literacy by Madison and Samantha

This week in literacy we learned about important ideas. Ideas are what does the author keep saying? How does it fit? What does the author say first or last?

Writing by Avery and Maddie

This week in writing we did an a argumentive writing and a fairy tale.We also got to choose a minecraft or an angry birds writing.

ex:hare and bear fighting in the story of the week tops and bottoms.


Spelling and Phonics

Math by Lily

This week in math we are learning about place value and decimals.

For EX:103,073 and EX;0.73 the seven is in the tenths place and the three is in the

hundredths place.