John F. Kennedy


Jhon F. Kennedy was the 35th presidant of the Unites states he was in office from 1961 till 1963. He was the youngest man to be put in office and to die in office. On November 22, 1936 JFK was assasinatedin Dallas,TX. After Kennedy was shot in the head his wife tride to cover him up so the people of the US wouldn't remeber him as the presidant who died. The death of kennedy sent shock waves around the world. He was one of the most loved presidants throught american history. Kennedy had inspired the new generation of the 1960's.

Kennedy is best none for sending put peice crops witch is a volunter program run by the US goverment. Before that his career had started off to a rockystart, because he had refused to comedemm senator Joseph McCarthy. Who was one of the Kennedys close family friends.

JFK has a connection to Donald Trump!

My topic Jhon F. Kennedy is just like Donald Trump from 2000. The men are both very beloved in palm beach,and both marreid to women of style. According to research they are both powerful rasits fathers, and both men are men of style.

5 Fun facts

1. JFK was obseesed with his weight he would take a weight scale around with him were ever he went.

2. One of Kennedys kegs was longer than the other giving him back pains.

3. Kennedy was the only presidant whos grandmother lived longer than his did.

4. He had been a target 4 other times befor being assasinated in Dallas, Texas.

5. JFK was the first presidant to dance with a balck women at a ball.


My topic Jhon F Kennedy changed socicty by creating peace corps. Peace corps is a volunteer program that helps people outside of the United States. The First Lady in 2000 is helping girls outside of the US get an education. This law is very important and it is still around in 2000. many people like the peace corps it still helps people.