TINCTORIA - Leentje van Hengel

workshop 'Rainbow of Colours with Natural Print-paste

May 4-5 or October 26-27, 2019

Are you a weaver, quilter, seamstress or any other textile-lover and looking for a more sustainable way of dyeing your own textiles, than this class will definitively speaks to you.

Under guidance of the well-experienced dye-master Leentje van Hengel you will learn a lot about how to print strong and lightfast natural colours on wool, silk, cotton, linen and hemp.

Combine this class for a full experience with the class from May 1-3 or October 23-25, 2019 'Natural Shades in dyeing'


Samples and experiments

In the natural print-paste class we shall use 4 natural dye-powders as madder, cochenille, genista and galnut. They will be mixed with enviroment-friendly mordants and other assisting powders to get a light- and colourfast product. We will make together samples for each fabric and their colourpotentials. Then you can choose your own experiments.

Also we will use an extra paste, which will intense or bleached the colour. With brushes and/or other printmaterials we will transfer the paste on the scourced woolen, silk and linen fabrics as well on natural dyed fabrics by Leentje. You can also bring your own natural dyed or eco-printed fabrics to experiment with. At the end they will be fixed by a steamer. You will rinse and wash them by yourself.

Who is Leentje van Hengel

Leentje van Hengel, owner of Tinctoria since 1991, is a passionated textiledesigner working with only natural dye-pigments. More than 20 years she investigates the dyed products on light-fastness and wash-fastness. Her knowledge brought her customorders for wellknown designers all over the world. For Claudy Jongstra she dyed the huge wallhanging in the OBA, she helps to developped the rubia extract for the company Rubia in the Netherlands. Recently are the products for Thomas Eyck, designed by Christien Meinderstma amd studio Belen.


Atelier Fiberfusing is located in a beautiful countryside, but still close to Schiphol and Amsterdam. It is welknown by their experienced and qualified national and international instructors. All workshops will be taught in English and/or in Dutch. We will serve fresh coffee and homemade lunches, with healthy salades, warm dishes, farmers bread and several Dutch cheeses.

Registration Atelier Fiberfusing

Send an email for more information about prices, registration and conditions. Only room for 14 participants! Click on B&B for accomodation