Recreating Photos

'Into a Child's Eyes.' Recreation

I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit this picture. I first used Maddie to pose like the little girl, and took a picture using the rule of thirds. Then I changed the colors to black and white, and enhanced and highlighted it with photoshop.

Oringinal Photographs

Wheelchair Recreation

I used Marney and Maddie for my models. I used a wheelchair from the nurse and went to the hallway by the art room. I had Marney pose like the little boy, and Maddie push her. I used photoshop to edit the picture to black and white and enhanced and highlighted it.

Big image

Blue-Eyed Woman Recreation

I used Raegan Sanchez for the model. I had her put a jacket around her head to match the woman's scarf. After I took the picture, I had enhanced and highlighted the picture using photoshop.