IT Summer 2016 Offerings

Department of Instructional Technology

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☀️ Are you ready to become an APS Google Innovator?

☀️ Would you like to learn how to use the new LED boards?

Or would you prefer to become a Promethean Master Trainer?

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21st Century Classroom

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21st Century Classroom Sessions & Descriptions

Course Number: 157872
21st Century Classroom: Exploring the Possibilities of Student Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking Skills through the use of the new LED touch screen panels.

Description: In this session, you will learn how to use the new LED boards. There are elementary sessions and middle/high school sessions.

Course Number: 157873

21st Century Classroom Certification

Description: Would you like to become an official APS 21st Century Classroom Certified Educator? This is your opportunity to show what you know! You will receive the following swag: official 21st Century Certified Educator poster to post outside your classroom door, a Certificate of Achievement, and the logo to place in your Outlook signature.

Course Number: 157878
Creating an Innovative Education Environment using Microsoft Tools for the 21st Century Learner

Description: Get the most out of Microsoft’s tools for Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. This 3 hour professional learning experience is designed for the educator who wants to create an engaging learning environment using Microsoft’s tools for education. Discover Office Mix, Sway, and OneNote – Microsoft’s digital notebook that can be created and used as a productivity tool for educators and students.

Course Number: 157870
An Immersive 21st Classroom Learning Experience for Administrators

Description: This session is tailor-made for administrators. This 3 hour workshop is designed as a 21st Century Immersive Experience for K-12 Administrators to observe all of the components of a high functioning 21st Century Collaborative Learning Environment while utilizing a variety of tools and resources that promote the cultivation and management of educator collaboration. During this course Administrators will be given an opportunity to create a digital notebook for virtual meeting minutes, personal staff workspace, and private TKES feedback and virtual conferencing for all staff members in the building. All administrators, coaches and grade level/department chairs are welcomed to attend!

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The 4 Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, & Critical Thinking

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The 4 Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, & Critical Thinking Sessions & Descriptions

Course Number: 157871
Using the 4Cs to promote Deeper Learning: 21st Century Skills & Rethinking How Students Learn Through Collaboration and Communication

Description: We listened to you! We took the March 16th Professional Learning Day presentation and divided the 4 Cs into two 3 hour sessions. This session will cover FREE Web 2.0 tools to infuse Collaboration & Communication skills into your curriculum.

Course Number: 157896
Using the 4Cs to promote Deeper Learning: 21st Century Skills & Rethinking How Students Learn Through Creativity and Critical Thinking

Description: This is the second part of the the March 16th Professional Learning Day presentation. In this session, FREE Web 2.0 tools that address Creativity & Critical Thinking skills will be explored.

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APS is Going Google!

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APS is Going Google! Session & Description

Course Number: 157877

Google Classroom: Engaging the 21st Century Student and Empowering the Teacher

Description: This engaging 3 hour session is for those teachers who want to become APS Google Classroom Innovators! You will be among the first in the district to learn how to use Google classroom so your students will communicate, collaborate, and create. If you are looking to go paperless or want to transition to blended learning, then you will want to attend one of these sessions with us!

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Promethean Sessions & Descriptions

Course Number: 158035

Promethean Master Educator (3 Day Training)

Description. This 3 day workshop is for educators who are ready to take their Activboard skills to the next level! You will learn how to increase student engagement, learn more about technology integration, and improve flipchart creation techniques. You will also receive the following swag: official Promethean Master Educator certificate and an official Promethean Master Educator signature for your Outlook email.

Course Number: 157876
Get inspired with Promethean’s ActivInspire to Collaborate, Communicate, Think Critically and Creatively

For success in today's world, students with critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration skills graduate better prepared to thrive in today's global economy. Mastery of 21st Century skills is essential to student success. Technology is a dynamic tool that both engages students and helps infuse 21st Century skills into the curriculum. This course will support and reinforce the components of STEM, International Baccalaureate, and College and Career Ready programs.