Learning Updates for September 8th

Killian Middle School Counseling Dept.

Mustang Families,

Three weeks of school have already flown by for all of our students! What a journey of ups & downs it has been with technology, schedules, and change of routine. With all of that, we love hearing the positive words of support from our parents and students these past few weeks! We thank you for your generous support & grace during this time. Every bit of encouragement helped us keep going as we work to serve our students.

Students-- please thank your fabulous parents that have helped you navigate through creating routines, schedules, and tech support for you for the past few weeks. We truly appreciate our Killian parent community.

Read below for great information for Virtual, Virtual Plus, & In Person learners. No matter how we will communicate with you- by WebEx, phone, or in person- we can’t wait to work with you this school year to make a not so ideal situation the best that it can be.

In Person Learners

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What to Expect on September 8th-- click on the presentation below to know what to do to get ready! Watch the video below and refer to the the Google Slides for links for buses & technology help.
Welcome To Killian 20-21

Virtul Plus Student Procedures to Enter & Leave the Building

VIRTUAL LEARNERS- Teacher Meeting Times Changing on September 8th!

Virtual Students will continue to work from home on September 8th.

Teacher meeting times will be changing as many of our virtual teachers are also "In Person" teachers as well. Also, the "in person" school day has increased in time from 8:55AM-4:35PM. Your Skyward Schedule will Remain the SAME.

Follow the steps below to help you set up your personal schedule-

1.Take the Planner Template Link below and Make a Copy

2. In the Planner, write down what classes you are going to focus on working on in Edgenuity or Canvas. You must work in the courses & follow the A / B Day schedule like the in person students are following. Teachers are monitoring progress in Edgenuity & CANVAS on the "A" days & "B" days for attendance. At a minimum, students are to work on classes periods 1,3,5, & 7 on "A" day & 2,4,6,8 on the "B" day.


  • Your meeting time may not match up with the class period that you are going to work on your course work.
  • You may have more academic classes on a particular day than another-- it will be important for you to work on the assignments on the assigned "A" Day & "B" Day. This is what will count toward your attendance.
  • Virtual Plus Students- you most likely will have a conflict with your class meeting time in WebEx & your "in person" course. You will have to watch the video of your class meeting at another time and will not be able to attend this virtual class meeting. Be sure to make appointments for tutoring with your teacher if you need to ask questions.
  • Talk with your teachers or your school counselor if you need guidance. It is important to keep up with your coursework so that you don't feel stressed and have to "cram" hours of work in at the last minute.

3. In the Planner, write down the times your class meetings are going to be in WebEx.

  • Set alarms & reminders so that you do not miss the class meetings.

After reading this information and attempting schedule a routine using the planner link below-- if you are still struggling to make sense of this schedule- please sign in to request to speak with a counselor so that we can guide you. USE the form at the bottom of this newsletter below & select Academic Advising as the reason.

Am I Behind or Ahead in my Edgenuity Course? Use this Chart below to where you are in your progress!

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Virtual Class Meeting Calendar- starting September 8th.

A/B Calendar

Meet our Counselor Interns!

We are blessed to have two fabulous counselor interns working with us this school year! You may already know them- Mrs. Haley Parker & Ms Taylor Bailey. They are at the internship phase of their Counseling Masters Degree. Parents & Students may be working with them. This school year.They created many of the resources you are viewing in this newsletter!

Students Taking Responsibility For Their Own Learning

Students- view this presentation to help learn tips on how to communicate with teachers to ask for help & clarification when things are confusing.

KILLIAN CONNECTS- Make New Friends & Socialize

If you are interested in meeting new friends or mentoring new students to our campus, join Killian Connects!

Sign up in the Form Below & we will send you a WebEx invite to a virtual "Meet & Greet" to introduce yourself, have fun conversations, & play games/ activities for you to connect with other students in your grade level. This group will be moderated by the counselors & counselor interns.

Progress Grade Reports Coming Soon- Wednesday, September 9th

To View Your Child's Progress Report

  • Login To Skyward Family Access
  • Go to Portfolio Tab on the Left
  • Find the Attachment to View Your Child's Progress Report
  • If your child is failing a course, make plans with your child and their teacher to help get your child on track to pass by the next grading term in 3 weeks.
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Have a Concern or Need to Speak with A Counselor? Fill out the Form below-