Hill Elementary School ~ Sept. 3, 2015

Dear Staff,

Last week I received a phone call from Tracy regarding some of our kiddos choices on their bus ride home. In the past, I have found that making my presence on the bus has made a significant impact on student behavior not only while I'm riding the bus, but following as well. So, I decided to ride the bus last Thursday afternoon. When I got on the bus, I reiterated Cardinal Code expectations while riding the bus emphasizing student safety. I then, modeled appropriate bus behavior as we traveled the bus route. In that 40 minute bus ride I was able to have some conversations with students around me, hopefully making some positive connections. As the population started to dwindle, I noticed a 1st grader a few seats up kept dozing off. His little head was dropping to the right and then would bounce back up quickly as if he realized he was about to fall out of his seat. At the next stop, I got up and moved so that I could sit in the seat across from him, in hopes that I would catch him if he were to fall out of his seat. I touched his shoulder and he looked at me, I said, "buddy, you look pretty tired." He said, "I was just thinking!" I smiled and we talked a little about his school day. I knew this kiddo's first and last name, knew whose classroom he was in this year and last. I recalled that I regularly said good morning to him, but I never remembered having a conversation with him at all. A few minutes into our conversation, two rows up I heard a little kindergarten voice start belting out the popular song from Frozen, "Let it go, let it go". The bus driver and I caught eyes in her mirror and we smiled, I recognized the kindergartner, and said to my first grade buddy next to me, "Aiden, is that your sister, her name is Layla, right?" He replied, "Yes, she is so nice, she is the best sister in the whole wide world!" His face lit up and he meant every word of it. It really just melted my heart. I am sharing this story with you because my purpose for riding the bus was to correct the behavior of students riding our buses home. However, I recognized that I was meant to ride that bus home, I was meant to have that conversation with Aiden. Aiden is a rule follower, he is quiet and nice, and really could go unnoticed because he just goes with the flow never seeking extra attention. It was a great reminder for me to keep an eye out for those kiddos, the rule followers, those kiddos who always do what is expected. It made me more mindful and I will intentionally seek Aiden out and keep that connection. I challenge all of you to be more intentional when working with students.....keep an eye on those silent ones too! :)

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! Ron and I are looking forward to having Brennyn, his fiancé, and Kaylee home for some family time!



A little bit of PD.....

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5 of 6 of our new fourth grade students. Welcome to Hill: Trinity, Jayce, Caleb, Adasyn, and Ethan!

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2nd Grade new student group meeting with Mrs. Crawford. Welcome: Natalie, Alayna, Darby, Keith, Nevaeh, Jason, and Kylee!

Need 2 Know...Info/Reminders

~ The September Hill newsletter was sent out electronically this week. Please take time to look at it. I've included information about the District's Attendance policy as well. You may want to communicate information regarding attendance awards to parents. Perfect attendance means perfect- no missed instruction. Excellent attendance means a student can have up to 3 absences. (Or 3 times tardy/ 3 times leaving early)

~ As we head into the new year, just a friendly reminder to adhere to the District's Energy Conservation procedures. When your classrooms are unoccupied the lights should be turned off. Also make sure that you are turning computers, ELMOs, and projectors off each night.

~ After school club flyers were sent home today. Clubs will begin on Tuesday, September 22nd. Registration and payment are due by 9/15.

~ You should have received your ID Badges this week. Please make sure that you are wearing them. Let me know if you have not received your badge.

~I will be placing a copy of your 2015/16 goals in your mailbox today. If you haven't done so, schedule your goal meeting with Ranee. Thank you!

~ Bussing will change next week as the rest of the District returns to school on Tuesday. Students will be retagged and all buses will shuttle to either Gates, Siple, or Central beginning on Tuesday.

-You should have received an email from Michelle Edwards about branding our District Mission Statement. Let me know if you have any trouble adding the new mission statement to your e-mail signature.

Celebrations and Announcments

Happy Birthday Suzie! (9/8)

A few of the GREAT things that I noticed last week...

-I received 5 positive office referrals this week! Thank you Linda, Michelle, and Ondrea for taking the time to write up some kiddos for doing great things!

-Rachel met with 1st - 4th grade students who were new to Hill this week! We have 21 new students! Wow, that's a big group!

-I was able to read letters from the parents in Linda's room this week about what makes their child special. This is a great activity to connect with parents and let them know how important their child is to you as their child's teacher. I was able to glean a lot of information from these letters. Kudos, Linda!

-Way to go Suzie! Each day for the first few weeks of school, Suzie meets with 5 students for lunch in the classroom. This is a great way to get to know your students and build those positive connections! Great work!

-Thank you Lisa & Dave for supervising students during the Math Summer Packet reward.

The week ahead....

CARDINAL Code: All common areas

Monday, 9-7-15

Labor Day- No School

Tuesday, 9-8-15

Hill Hiker Pledges due

Intervention groups begin

5:30 PTO Meeting

Wednesday, 9-9-15


Thursday, 9-10-15

7:40 Staff Meeting

Friday, 9-11-2015

Hill Hiker Walk-A-Thon

8:45-9:15 - 4th Grade

9:15-9:45 - Kindergarten

9:45-10:15 - 1st Grade

10:15-10:45 - 2nd Grade

10:45-11:15 3rd Grade

Looking ahead...

Monday, Sept. 14 - Board Meeting- Hill Students lead The Pledge of Allegiance. (All staff are welcome to come support our safety patrol and Lisa/Linda) Feel free to leave after the pledge.

Tuesday, Sept. 15 - TEAM begins for 2nd & 4th Grade

Wednesday, Sept. 16 - ACC meets 4:15-6:15

Monday, Sept. 21 - Spirit Week

Friday, Sept. 25 - Homecoming/Kindergarten students walk in the parade, popcorn, wear school shirts

Wednesday, October 7 - Student Count Day, Early Release Day

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