Things to know about pandas.

Things you didn't about pandas.

In the wild, the life span of a giant panda is about 20 years. It could be 25-30 years for the captive pandas. With just over 1,000 pandas left in the world, the giant pandas are on the brink of being in extinction.Being native to Tibet and China, they are the symbol of peace in China. They are very active in the day, they will do things like climbing trees.

What pandas eat.

Pandas mostly eat bamboos,which have 300 species, leaves and stems. Sometimes they will eat other plants and sometimes they will even have meat. Also, sometimes they will hunt for small rodents and pikas, even though they're mostly vegetarian.

Random things about pandas.

Pandas have lived on Earth for about 3 million years and have been a symbol of peace in China. They do not move fast at all and they are pigeon toed, which means when they walk their front paws are pointed in. Many newborn pandas will get accidentally crushed by their mothers or they will die from a disease. The most expensive zoo animal is a panda. An elephant is the next most expensive animal and the panda still costs five times more.