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Essential Question

What are the major historical landmarks in this region of upper east Tennessee and who are the historical figures that made this region of the country a place visitors would enjoy?

Ernie Ford

Ernie Ford was a very famous country singer. He had a house located at 1223 Anderson St. The house was the Bristol Historical Association's meeting place.

Civil War in Tennessee

Battles: Shiloh, Stones River, and Chattanooga
Tennessee has had more battles held than any other state beside Virginia

Impact of Irish Immiagrants

They brought their culture to Tennessee, including religion and music.
Music was a big part of their culture. Guitar and banjo are both from the immigrants. They also combined folk music and western music to make country music.

Tourists Attractions

Rhythm and Roots

Blue grass country music festival, that is a celebration of the birth place of country music.
Has happened once a year since 2001, we now have more than 32000 people that attend from all across the USA. 50 blue grass and country music bands plays at R and R.

Bristol Motor Speedway

Construction started in 1960, the first race happened in 1961.
It was built by Carl Moore along with Larry Carrier and Rig Pople, It cost $600,000.
The stands seat about 160,000 people today, about 148,000 more people than when it first opened.

Interview (Mrs. Winstead)

Why did you choose TN to live in? Would you ever want to move?
- Born in TN
- Would love to live in England for a couple years but she loves the green mountains here in Tennessee

* Camping is a big thing in her family