The Hoot Owl



* WINTER BREAK is right around the corner. We hope that as the break arrives, you will make time to create memories with family and friends. Please continue to encourage reading with your child. Take advantage of the different types of print to read with your child - newspaper, books, billboards, flashcards, etc.

*JACKETS - With the cooler weather upon us, we are already accumulating a nice collection of "lost" jackets. Please help us by placing your child's name in their jacket before they wear it to school. Also, remind them to check the lost and found for any missing jackets in the gym.

*FOURTH GRADE PROGRAM - The fourth grade program will be on Thursday, December 6 @ 6:30 for parents.

*PTO MEETING - PTO will be held on Thursday, December 13 in the lounge.

*PTO SPIRIT NIGHT - Will be held at Mama Juanita's on Tuesday, December 11 from 5:30 - 9:00 p.m.

*POLAR EXPRESS DAY - We will have our annual Polar Express Day on Tuesday, December 18. Students are invited to wear "school appropriate" pajamas that day and enjoy watching the movie, The Polar Express.

*CLASS PARTIES - Grade level parties will be on either Tuesday, December 18 or Wednesday, December 19. Please check with your child's teacher to get the correct information.

*EARLY DISMISSAL - December 19 is early dismissal day. School will dismiss for the holidays at 12:10 p.m.

*WINTER HOLIDAYS - Winter break runs from December 20 - January 8.

*CHANGE OF TRANSPORTATION/PICK UP EARLY - If you have a need to change your child's transportation, the best option is to send a note to the teacher the day of the change. If it is an emergency and you need to change during the day, the cut off for that change to be effective is 2:30 p.m. If you need to pick up your child early, you will need to be in the front office no later than 2:45 p.m.

*YEARBOOK ORDERS - Below is the link to order your 2018-19 yearbook. They are now $24 each until December 28, 2018. In January, they will go up to $26 each.


MORNING NOTES - If you are choosing to park and drop off your children, it is important that you park in a parking spot and walk your child to the door. Avoid parking behind someone, thus blocking them in, or parking in the entrance/exit to the parking lot.

AFTERNOON NOTES - Remember that you must enter the car rider line from Oak Ridge School Road instead of our driveway.

REMINDER - Don't forget when you are in the car rider line, it is against the law to be on your cell phone. (Not to mention that it is dangerous to our staff and students who are on duty.)


PTO has several officer/board meeting at large positions open at this time. They are in need of parents to fill these positions. If you are interested in helping, please contact MaryBeth DeMott, PTO president @

Spirit Night is Tuesday, December 11 at Mama Juanita's on Hwy 242. This will be from 5:00-9:30 in the evening. Please come out and support our PTO and treat your family to dinner.


Season’s Greetings to Everyone!! Winter season is here which will be followed by colds, coughs and runny noses. Often times we are told “not contagious, treat the symptoms” This means that students may need some medication at school to help them get through the day comfortably. If your child needs medication at school, please remember it must come in the original container, with age/weight appropriate doses. Parents must bring in the medication to the clinic. There is a form at school that must be filled out for any medication given here at school. Cough drops and chapstick can be kept in the classroom with the teacher however it should still be checked into the clinic by a parent. Keeping one in their desk will prevent your child from missing class time to run to the office for lip care. The holidays are a time for many special celebrations for adults and children. It seems that wherever we go sweet treats are being offered. It is important for all to remember to limit the amount of sweets we consume daily and limit children’s pop intake to once or twice a week. Brushing teeth twice daily is essential. Sharing caps, hats or hooded items can aide in the spread of head lice. Remind your child not to share any items that go near the hair. Girls with long hair should wear it pulled back or up and secured while at school. Also Remember: Head Checks Once A Week at Home!!!

Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season,

Nurse Sims J


Several of our students are collecting charges for breakfast and/or lunch meals because they have rolled off of the free/reduced lunch system. Applications can be completed online or a paper copy can be sent home. Charges are expected to be paid for by the parent as you receive notification of those. If you need assistance completing an application, please contact Virginia Vera, registrar.



6 - Fourth grade music program - 6:30 p.m. for parents

11 - Mama Juanita's PTO Spirit Night from 5:00-9:30 p.m.

13 - PTO Meeting

14 - Teacher Luncheon hosted by PTO

18 - Polar Express/PJ Day

19 - Early dismissal at 12:10 p.m.


9 - Students return to school

21 - School holiday - MLK Day


Attendance is very important for student learning. Our daily attendance goal is 98%. Currently, we are running, on average, about 96%. Please help us reach our goal by sending your child to school daily.

Official attendance time is 9:00 a.m. If your child arrives after 9, he/she will be counted absent for the day. Tardy time this school year is 8:01 a.m. If your child arrives after 8:01, the parent needs to walk the child into the front office and sign the child into school.

It is just as important for students to remain at school all day as it is for them to be on time. The 20 minutes missed frequently at the end of the day do add up and cause students to miss important information for their learning. Please allow your child to stay at school all day unless there is an emergency.

Thank you for help with these matters!