Medieval Communism, Comrade.

What is Feudalism?

Well, Feudalism, It's a form of government, where everyone is bound together by an unspoken treaty, The Feudal contract, This means, that Everyone gives something to the community and they get something in return, for example, The Peasant, (Lets Call Him Farmer Thomas) So, Farmer Thomas, gives the King, Reh'Lagh, Destroyer of worlds, Wait. No, Wrong King. Farmer Thomas, gives the king, William The Great, Half of his crops, and in return he would get some more land to grow crops on. This, is Feudalism, a form of government that is similar to a tyranny, In the aspect that it has a king, but, It's not a tyranny because the king does not have all the power, Medieval Communism, Comrade, It's Like a Giant Angry Brown bear clad in Iron plate armor! Not as good as you'd Think.

Why was Feudalism good?

Feudalism was good in that time period, because everyone did different specific things, they didn't task themselves with learning other crafts, they stuck with one. This, is why feudalism was good. Because, lets say, for example, Someone just lost their home in a fire, and there just so happens to be a lord or a noble looking for a new blacksmith, that man, whom was a blacksmith, goes and works for that lord/noble, They get Land in return for their labor, Thus, Feudalism, Is good as it is a Government based on even trade of labor for rewards.

Feudalistic Social Structure

Guild Workers

A group of artisans whom are talented in their craft, a guild, which was basically a group of people who share the same profession, (Smithy, Tailoring, Etc) That work together to improve their craft and become higher in the social structure, this is one of the ways a Peasant may be able to get out of the Peasant social class. through becoming a guild worker, they start as an apprentice, the lowest rank in a guild, receiving training from higher ups to ensure quality control, that would be one of the perks from buying from a known guild member, you know you're getting quality, because they were trained to make quality things,
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Peasants were the commoners of the middle ages, the average person like you and me, normal people who work, live, and generally live a normal life, compared to the other ranks in society, this is the lowest, but, the most common, Peasants are just normal people.
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Feudalism Is still around.. kind of.

Many aspects of feudalism influenced things in todays society, If you look at people's jobs, you see feudalism because of people doing work in exchange for money, Look at a school and you see a feudalistic society, The Principal being the King, The Teachers are the Lords,

Custodians and others are the Knights, And the students are the peasants, Mostly every form of society you look at you see a form of feudalism.