L3 Cultural Discussion DUE

すいようび (suiyoubi-Wednesday)- Feb 15, 2017

Today's Important Info:


TODAY, your L3 Cultural Discussion is due. Please don't forget to submit that assignment on time, by 11:59pm TODAY! As well as all the comments required.

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  • Make sure you complete your cultural discussion post as well as your 2 comments.
  • Please follow the directions for the assignment very carefully. ^_^


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Was the FIRST TWO to submit their L3 Reading and Writing assignment!!! ^o^ すごい〜

Vargas san

Dobbs san!

~Hall sensei


Please be careful with your ほ character!

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Incorrect way of writing ほ:

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AWESOME VIDEO on: Life of Japanese High School Student

When you view this video, where it says "Subtitle", please be sure to UNCHECK the first box, then CLICK on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th boxes to view the subtitles! :) You can use this for your cultural discussion assignment today! :)

Video: Japanese High School Student's Morning

Learn what a high school student in Japan would do in the morning before heading to school. ^.^

Important INFO about L3 Speaking Assignment

  • For your speaking assignment please make sure you have all the requirements in the speaking assignment.
  • Make sure that it is in .mp3 format or .wav and NOT .aup
  • You need to check to make sure your audio works, and can work for others.
  • (Read the feedback I gave you for your L1 and L2 speaking assignments by going to the "Your Grade" tab and going to those assignments where I left feedback. *Find the blue comment icon, and click on that. Please do not make the same mistakes that you made on L1 and L2 speaking assignments.
  • Do your best! ^o^


  • With things that you are learning from your cultural notes, coaching sessions, etc.

Extra Credit L3 Grammar Questions:

How well do you know your:

kore, sore, are

Try to answer the following questions using the pictures for each question below (DO NOT give me the translations of the sentences, please ANSWER the questions in Japanese the way the character in the pictures would answer then.) "about the object" in Japanese.

  1. Make sure your answers are in Japanese
  2. Grammatically correct
  3. In complete sentences.

(Please TEXT me, message or email the answers to me in Japanese (Romaji), *I would prefer TEXT. Make sure it's grammatically correct. Please answer the questions by putting the number before your answers. There are 3 questions. --Due Today by 11:59pm)

The pictures and questions are below: