C.E. King High School

From the Principal's Office!

Win-Win Conversations with Students

What is the definition of a win-win conversation as it relates to the educator/student relationship? The goal is to create an opportunity for the teacher to maintain control of the student in a situation of misconduct. It is not the dismissal of consequences but rather a constructive method of correcting student behavior. Belittling, yelling, and disrespectful words have no place in these situations from the educator. If we are honest with ourselves, our students are not intimidated by us raising our voices and being aggressive. In my opinion when we become emotional and lose professionalism, it gives the student permission to do the same and normally they accept the invitation. I truly believe that we will NEVER win in a power struggle with students therefore, we are to always be the rational person when faced with student misconduct. Simply stated, we are held to a higher standard! Understanding that we are human and have feelings, let's remember we are the trained adults and must keep our actions in check! Below is a video of how to engage in a win-win conversation with a defiant student. I know it is 7 minutes long but please watch it for the message. Sometimes we all need a reminder. Have a great week KHS!
Rita Pierson: Teaching Tips (Win-Win Conversations)

Information Station


1. We will be on a B-A-Straight 8- Straight 8 schedule for the week. Share this information with students to avoid confusion.

2. There will be a curriculum audit team on campus this Wednesday. There may be some observation of classrooms on campus.

3. Our next campus meeting will be 2/22/2016 immediately after school. Mr. Davis (Superintendent) will be present to formally introduce himself to the staff. Your attendance is mandatory.

4. KHS will host their annual Black History Program on Friday, 2/26/2016. That day we will run a pep rally schedule. Students will be able to purchase tickets if they wish to attend.

5. Please monitor your absences that are not related to school business. There have been days of too many teachers being absent from the building. This creates certain issues with our students that impact behavior. I will begin/continue to have meetings with all employees with excessive absences. We are all expected to be present...our students deserve it!

6. Dress Code and Hallway Monitoring....well you know what I am about to say so just do it! Thanks

7. Last week I completed all grade level meetings. Continue to remind our students of the importance of having good behavior on campus. We are entering Spring fever and we must clamp down and be proactive with student behavior.

8. Graduation is scheduled for May 27, 2016. Your attendance is mandatory for graduation as our faculty has an active role in the ceremony. Please make plans to attend.

9. As we are entering hiring season, please let your Academy Principal or myself know if you are entering the job market or if you are planning to retire. Although, I would like for you all to stay, I understand personal and/or professional obligations may take you in another direction. My only request is that you are a professional and make administration aware. Never...ever....ever burn bridges....the water beneath can be very deep.

10. There are always events on campus to attend in support of our students. If possible, make time in your schedule to attend campus events. Your students will thank you!

11. If you are allowing a visitor to come to your classroom, they must sign in at the front desk and be under your supervision. At any moment, if they leave your supervision, you are to contact the main office for support. Parents, Community Members and Recent Grads cannot roam the building. It is all of our responsibility to keep the building a safe place for learning.