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You don't believe the story of the Great Pumpkin?

I can't believe we are already halfway through October! This year is flying by! With that, I'd like to celebrate some victories! Our students have been working so hard and really showing us the true definition of perseverance! Please take a minute to celebrate your student's successes- they have worked so hard for them!

Math: In the Math we have been learning:

Marvel: We are wrapping up our six week unit on multiplicative comparisons, multiplicative equations, word problems using those multiplicative comparisons, factors, multiples, prime numbers, composite numbers, number or shape patterns, patterns following a given rule, multiplication, and division. Our test is currently scheduled for October 21st. Our two biggest hurdles were and still are multiplication and division. Division is presenting a giant hurdle for many of our kids- largely because they are still working on memorizing their multiplication facts. It is imperative to their success that they consistently practice their facts until they reach memorization. Here is a video that you can watch with your student if they are having trouble with long division: and

DC: We are delving into our Geometry Unit, which, for many students can be deceptively easy. The miniature pieces of knowledge within this unit weave together to create some higher order thinking questions! This week we learned about rays, points, lines, and line segments, parallel, perpendicular, intersecting lines, and angle types. We are going to merge those concepts with analyzing the attributes of triangles and quadrilaterals- and analyzing how we categorize those shapes using lines and angle types. This can be tricky for some students to visualize! There is no word on a test date as of yet- but I would expect a quiz in the following week.

Science: We are beginning our Weather Unit- which can be pretty fun for the kids! We are going to be sending home some fun experiments for the kids to do. These will go home on Monday and are actually wonderful- the kids gets to observe different states of water and do a few other household experiments that will only take about 5 minutes! We are hoping to get the kids as excited about weather as they were about space!

Social Studies: We are winding down on our Explorers/Early Colonization Unit. Students should have a completed study guide in their possession. In the event that they don't, the completed study guide is attached to my email. You will notice on their study guide that it references the Explorers Graphic Organizer. We took notes on each of the explorers they were required to learn- that should be in their binder!

Reading: Next week, students are going to be learning 'Point of View' where they will analyze the different points of view that are present. There are three different types: first person point of view (pronouns: I, me), second person point of view (pronouns: you, your), and third person point of view (there are three types of narrators- omniscient, limited, and objective). Here is a Flocabulary video about point of view:

Writing/ELA: Students are going to continue to develop their opinion writing. Students are also going to begin learning about pronouns. Pronouns are words that can replace proper nouns- he, she, it, they, them, we, us, her, him, etc. Here is a very, extremely cheesy rap song (I apologize in advance) to help students with pronouns: or a Grammaropolis song about pronouns: or an oldie but goodie...Schoolhouse Rock:

You're Gonna Wanna Write These Dates Down

10/17-11/4- IOWA Testing for 3rd/5th

10/18- Explorers Test

10/18- Report Cards go Home

10/19- Kids Care Meeting

10/21- Marvel: Unit 2 Math Test

10/26- Family Fun Night # 3

11/11- Book Fair Sales Begin