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CP's Fall Installment... SOAR Through Fall

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Summer Is Over - Time to SOAR!

Now that you have "Found Your Tribe", let's “SOAR through Fall” with the 2nd installment of CP's Creative Connection. With this installment, you will receive tools to help you and your Tribe navigate through the twists and turns the first of the year brings. From a fresh Fall Playlist to a continuation of our summer leadership, this installment will help establish a sense of synergy between you and your Tribe… The "SOAR through Fall" installment includes:

The Second Edition of Horizon:
  • Horizon is our director newsletter jam-packed with tips and tricks to get you through the season you are about to embark on. Horizon's material is always written by past or present Texas dance/drill team directors that have “been there and done that," so you know the material will apply to real-life issues and situations.

Good VIBErations Playlist:

  • This playlist will have fresh and fun songs to start your practice off on a positive note. No matter how early or late, these songs are sure to perk up your entire Tribe! (Playlist format: Spotify playlist and/or a downloadable folder that you can upload to your iTunes)

Map It Out
  • You will receive a printable trail map that you can post in your dance room, locker room, office, etc… With every installment you participate with CP's Creative Connection you will receive more instructions on how to incorporate your map with your Tribe!

For the Fall Installment you will receive...
  • An outline of suggestions on how to define your mile markers or milestones
  • Ideas on how to implement the map for the season ahead
  • A printable icon to use on your trail map to show your Tribe where they current stand

Pow Wow... Keep your Tribe's SPARK alive!
  • This installment of CP’s Creative Connection Pow Wow will be continuation of our Summer leadership. This will help you, as the director, tend your Tribe's SPARK, as well as hold your Tribe accountable for their summer commitments There will be team building games, application questions, and interactive leadership to help stay on track.

Downloadable "SOAR Through Fall" images…
  • Upon purchase you will immediately receive a link to all of our "SOAR Through Fall" images. You can theme out handouts, emails, social media post, whatever your adventurous heart desires!

Are you ready to SOAR Through Fall?

Fall Installment Details: "SOAR Through Fall"
  • Price for "Soar Through Fall" installment: $50
  • Want to catch up on the 1st installment AND get our new "Soar Through Fall" installment? You can receive BOTH installments for a discounted price! (look below)
  • Price for BOTH: $75
  • Be fully GEARED UP to take on your Fall Season!

Need even MORE reasons to join us on this extended adventure?

Check out our sample Trail Map for Map It Out!
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