Fahrenheit 451

by Ray Bradbury


Guy Montag is a middle-aged man who lives in a futuristic city. He doesn't exactly enjoy his life, he actually find it rather boring. The only joy he gets in life is his occupation of being a fireman. But the thing is... besides putting out fires, he starts them... and he doesn't just go around starting fires whenever he pleases, he specifically burns books. In this American, futuristic city books are prohibited from owning or reading. The people in this society do not read books, enjoy nature, spend time by themselves, think independently, or have meaningful conversations. Instead, they watch excessive amounts of television and listen to a radio station called "Seashell Radio". The people of this city listen to this radio with a device that is attached to their ears.

Montag soon encounters a gentle and innocent seventeen-year-old girl named Clarisse McClellan who opens his eyes with her penetrating questions and her unusual love for people and nature.

The rest of the story has Montag and Clarisse's bond slowly growing more and more while Montag encounters a series of disturbing events and learns the meaning behind why books got banned in the first place and the meaning to his life.

Did I like or Dislike this book

I found this book very interesting, it has a very original and unique story line that keeps you drawn in. With only three very long chapters it can be easy to get side-tracked but Ray Bradbury does a very good job at keeping the story entertaining.

I don't exactly have a favorite part or anything I would change because I liked pretty much every part of the book and I don't think anything needs to be changed.

Each character in Fahrenheit 451 is very interesting and unique in their own way. The characters play a big part in the story line because each one of them is very different and it is very pleasing to watch different personalities collide. It also gives more variety to the story.

Recommendation and Language

I would recommend this book to high school or college students who enjoy dark and mysterious plots that has twists and keep you on edge. Fahrenheit 451 uses quite intelligent language but not too hard to the point where you can't follow along and not so easy as to where an elementary student could read it which makes it perfect for a high school student.