Southern Colony:

Sidney Downs

Southern Colonies and Products:

Southern Colonies: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland                      Products: Tabacoo, Indigo, Rice


Eliza Lucas a english woman, delveloped indigo and used it for dye and texttieles. Indigo is a blue plant used as dye and The East India Company imported massive volumes of  indigo in the mid 1600s. Its use in Europe was clearly a threat to natives. Protests led to the ban of indigo in Britain and other European countries. Despite this, European woad plantations and factories rapidly disappearedd for texttiels.

Nathaniel Bacon Rebellion:

Nathaniel Bacon was a wealthy planter and leader of west Virginia, he aposed the coloniel government with a rebellion aganst natives and hated easterners for their respect torwards the natives. John Locketa english philospher, wrote the Carolina constitutionabout peace with one another and land distrubution.

James Oglethrop:

James Oglethrop founded Georgia and basically re builded the colony by letting the poor and unworthy make a clean start. When sudden news of Georgias kindness torwards the others it atracted more people sooner or later Georgia passed the law of only protastints and non catholics where able to stay. Georgia was more of a purifying place the laws where no slaves, No rum, and No violence.With being a non catholic place Georgia was a sfe place for the potastints. 

Columbian Exchange:

The columbia exchange was a echange between Asia, Europe, Africa, and Aericas. They exchaned goods and slaves. They had a slavery trade Rout called the triangular trade where the slaves would come from africa and given goods their and imported on shipts to the west indies.