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Black Friday: The idea behind the term "Black Friday" is that this is the day in which retail stores have enough sales to put them "in the black" - an accounting expression that alludes to the practice of recording losses in red and profits in black. Here at Tech In Ten, we are all about finding ways to help you profit from using technology in the classroom.

This issue is dedicated to helping you find those technology "Black Friday" type deals. From Google Apps to iOS tips to iPads, great websites and more, our "shopping passes" are free to use and never expire!

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GAFE stands for Google Apps For Education. Every staff member and student has an account. If you have not changed the password for your Cheltenham account in the last year, then you did not activate your apps account. Click here to see how you change your password.

We have been busy over the last few weeks running GAFE workshops for all our 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade teachers. The workshops have gone really well and teachers are excited about what they can now do in the classroom. Each teacher was able to walk away with an activated GAFE account and knows how to create, share, and access content in this environment.

Here are some great tips everyone can use:

  • If you need a Google doc in pdf format, just convert it by choosing file then download as pdf.
  • If you can't edit a doc someone shares with you, then just make a copy for yourself by choosing file, make copy, and then providing a new name. Now you can edit it.
  • Create a contact group just like in Outlook, for easier file sharing in your apps account. From the table icon, (top right corner next to your name), select Contacts. Click on New Group, (left hand side), and enter the group name. Next select the newly created group and click the Add button, (person icon on the top middle). Enter your contact names separated by a comma and click Add when complete. Next time you share a file, just type in the contact group name and everyone in that group will be shared...saves loads of time!


You can check your current spam at anytime. Open your daily spam message and near the top of the email in bold is the statement, "To view CURRENT messages held as spam, click here." Just click on the red text and a window will open in your browser listing all current spam messages. You don't have to wait for the next daily mail summary to arrive!

What's On Our iPads?

We have been working closely with the teachers at Myers Elementary to roll out 2 carts of iPads for general ed use. Here at Tech In Ten, we are constantly curating and testing out the best apps for classroom use. We are moving away from using the iPads as another "laptop" loaded with "skill and drill" type apps and instead have focused on installing apps which will foster creativity, critical thinking and student engagement.

Our first week has been a huge success. We introduced Bookemon to one of the fourth grade teachers who said, "This app is absolutely incredible and engaged every one of my students, this technology is the way to go!" Showme was used in another class where the teacher created a visual demonstration to find the area of an irregular polygon and then linked that tutorial to her teacher website...what a great mashup of tools! For a complete listing of the apps we installed, click here.

iOS 7 Tips

Here are some great tips you might not know...

  1. When in email, shake your iPhone to undo deleting of a message!
  2. In Safari, click on the @ symbol in bookmarks to see links from your twitter feed.
  3. Swipe to the left in the compass app and now you've got a built in level!

Cool Tool Alert!

Relector is a great tool you can load on your Mac or PC which will allow you to mirror your iOS device onto your screen. It can really come in handy to record demonstrations from your iOS device. If your computer is connected to a SMART Board, then your iPad screen will display there as well. Students can reflect their work using the built in Airplay. No sharing of files is necessary as long as you are all on the same wifi. We installed this at Myers Elementary this past week and it works as advertised.

Now the teachers can easily demonstrate how to use an app and students can show their work to the rest of the class without leaving their seats!

Please note that Reflector is not free. Your building administrator will need to purchase a license for this and the technology department will need to install it.

Amazon Yesterday Shipping

Amazon Yesterday Shipping

A Different Way To Tell A Story

Using an infographic can be a very effective way to tell a story, get a point across, or display data. The below infographic shows what skills successful workers should possess. There are lots of tools out there that you can use to create your own infographic. Here are a few.

The 21st Century Worker

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