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Boosters Do Great Things at OHVA!

Boosters are huge part of our school community because they have a heart for family success! We are so thankful for them.

They are volunteer Learning Coaches who band together to help our school be a better place for all. Led by Hayley Halloran-Clark, the Booster President, they especially help support families in OHVA Facebook groups.

Other Booster Leaders form our school's Parent Leadership Team, often referred to as the PAC - Parent Advisory Council, a familiar name used at ODE.They are an amazing group of volunteers. Together and with school support Boosters is doing great things for you and our school.

  • Online networking and support through social media Facebook groups for parents.
  • Amazon Smile
  • OHVALC ID Cards
  • Box Tops
  • Boosters CAN HOST F2F! Just get trained with the INFO HERE!
  • Annual staff appreciation gift.
  • Camp scholarships for parent/HS student Cabin Leaders.
  • Give a Boost - Holiday Help for OHVA Families

Social Connections & Support

OHVA has several Facebook groups for parents to connect and receive support from each other. Veteran Boosters and school admin are in these groups to facilitate accurate info and help for families. We welcome you to join!*

Are you new to Ohio Virtual Academy and you're looking for connections with experienced Learning Coaches? Request to join our OHVA Newbie group!

Join a grade band focused Facebook group just for OHVA parents. Connect for support and mentoring:

OHVA Learning Coaches of K - 2nd Graders

OHVA Learning Coaches of 3rd - 5th Graders

OHVA Learning Coaches of 6-8 Graders (Middle School)

OHVA Learning Coaches of 9-12 Graders (High School)

OHVA Special Support - for Learning Coaches who have an OHVA special education student on an IEP.

When you ask to join, we'll ask you for your student's ID# along with a couple of questions to veirfy you're a parent/Learning Coach.

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We are Connected!

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OHVA's Hope & Kindness Initiative is...

our school community - all of us - students, parents, teachers, administrators, support staff - ALL of us in ACTION! We are committed to kindness, and we want you to be as well.
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Students Supporting Students through Impact Academy

Check out the amazing support and resources that Impact Academy has for your High School Student!

Activities....are a big part of our School Community

We're providing PPE for our F2F activities. Please be informed about what the handbook says about ACTIVITIES during the pandemic.

Cardy is OHVA's School Mascot and part of our Career Learning Program

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LC Academy - Learning and Growing to Guide Together

  • Provides modules to complete online to inform and prepare you about all things OHVA. Start with Module 1 and move forward throughout the school year.
  • Online sessions on helpful topics for busy Learning Coaches - new and/or veteran LC's.
  • Recognition for our hard-working Learning Coaches. Who doesn't like a surprise in the mail? Let us celebrate your learning just as your student grows this year, too.

OHVA Community & the K12 National Community

Stride is our partner to help us in so many ways, including ways for Learning Coaches to connect and find support.

Learning Coach Life

Learning Lift Off

SEE BELOW or HERE for more info!

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