No Excuse for Animal Abuse

Disha K.

What is animal abuse/cruelty?

Well animal abuse is legally defined as an act of violence or neglect which can harm an animal in any way. Animal Abuse can take a toll on us. Our life can truly end because of the lack of animals and if we somehow survive, then there is no happiness. It isn’t too late though, there is still ways to stop this..

Did you know?

· In the U.S, pets are most commonly abused through neglect. People just simply get “Bored” of them.

· Most abused animal in the world in dogs. 53% of this world’s pet population getting abused are dogs.

Around 10,000 horses are killed each year as horse meat for other animals.


How can we do this to someone living? Imagine this happening to you. It isn't pleasant when it's happening to you so why do you think it's okay to do it to them? We can help them. PETA and ASPCA are both huge anti animal abuse organizations which have helped and are helping thousands of animals. Scan here to donate and help save our animals.