6th Grade Survival Guide

How to survive 6th grade


Welcome to Hickory Hills Middle School! Sixth grade is really fun. It's a lot different from elementary school, so the first day can be kind of scary, but you warm up after a little bit! I'm sure you've watched movies where a kid comes to middle school for the first time and he has the worst time. I can tell you that it's nothing like that at all! If you're nervous the first day, even week, that's completely normal. I was really scared the first week but then I got know know more people and I was fine. Here's some tips for surviving middle school;


Always keep your best behavior even when the teacher isn't watching. No teacher wants to walk in and see their students on a bad behavior. Be respectful. Don't just blurt out things while the teacher is talking. Quietly raise your hand. Be responsible. When a teacher gives you homework, when you get home try to do it as soon as possible. Don't procrastinate, I did that and then I forgot, which led to late work. Be ready. Always have at least two pencils in your trapper keeper. Charge you chromebook everyday.
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Strike System

*Always have your chromebook charged and you won't get a strike!

*Try to keep at least two pencils in your trapper keeper that way if you loose one, you'll have an extra one! If you don't have a pencil, ask someone near you.

*Don't disrespect the teacher and you won't get a strike

*Excessive talking earns you a strike!

*Turn in your work on time and completed and it will make your year so much easier for you!

* 7 strikes and you have to call home. Once you have ten strikes, you don't get to go to the 6th Grade Olympics!


Charge your Chromebook everyday, or else it's probably going to die during school!

Make sure when the teacher tells you to get on your Chromebook, to only go to the website or app the teacher tells you to get on.

Sometimes, they let you have free time on your Chromebook, but make sure the websites you get on are teacher-approved.

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Classroom Atmosphere

The first day of school can be kind of scary because you don't really know a lot of teachers and students. That's completely normal. I was really scared the first few days. A few days or weeks, you'll know the teachers and students a lot better. You'll know what to do and what not to do in different classes. The teachers try their best to make school fun!
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