Christ The Redeemer

By:Kaleb M

The Reason

When somebody says Brazil what do you think of, some people think of the soccer team, some think of the Rio Carnival every year and some people think of Christ the Redeemer statue. Christ the Redeemer is a huge 110ft statue of Jesus the savior. The Christ the Redeemer statue is a symbol of Brazillian Christianity.


The first idea of making the statue was made by Pedro Maria Boss in 1922. Christ the Redeemer was first assembled in France but then took a part and reassembled back in Rio de Janero. The construction of Christ the Redeemer first began in 1922. The whole process took nine years to complete and was finished in 1911.
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The creation of Christ the Redeemer had some challenges but turned out great. Pedro Maria Boss thought about putting a giant monument in Rio de Janero symbolizing Brazillian Christainity. Since it was first assembled in France they had to ship it over to Rio in 50 concrete parts. The statue is 38 meters high all made out of concrete making it difficult to conrtrol.
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Christ the Redeemer means many different things. First it is one of the seven wonders of the world. Secondly it is the fifth largest statue of Jesus in the world and is a Brazillian icon. The statue was an inspiration to many different songs including "Corcovado by Tom Jobim".
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Wrap Up

It may have had some challenges but after the long construction of Christ the Redeemer statue it turned out to be one of the most reconized monuments in the world. There have been some things said about christ the redeemer but in the end this statue is one of the most popular representations of Jesus in the world and has inspired millions.(Localnomad) There were many different things that made the christ the redeemer statue but it in the end turned out to be a great piece of art.
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