The country of Troubled Pasts


Germany was one of the original founders of the EU joining it in 1952. Germany never became part of another country but actually conquered other countries. During the Second World War the German Nazi's conquered other European countries.

Geography and physical features

The physical features of Germany are the Baltic sea to the north and a large amount of forests. One of the largest forests is the Bohemian. There are also a great deal of mountains including the vogelsberg mountains in the south. They also have a great deal of hillier uplands. The longest river in Germany is the rhine that drains into the Baltic sea


Germany's cooridsntes on a map are 51.5 N, 13.3 E. It is west of Poland,Czech republic,and Austria. It's north of Italy,and Switzerland. It's east of France,and Belgium. Finally it is south of Denmark. It's south of the Baltic Sea and Denmark is a peninsula off of it to the north.
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German Flag

The red,gold,black colors represent the colors of the Holy Roman Empire which once had partial control of the country. With their troubled pass the flag wasn't decided until 1990.

Capital and major cities

The capital of Germany is Berlin . Other big cities are Munich,Düsseldorf,Frankfurt,and Hamburg. These are some of the biggest cities in Germany.
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Government and Currency

The style of government in Germany is a parliamentary democracy. There is a federal president but has little influence on government. The real power is the the chancellor who is currently Angela merkel. There are also two other houses that have power in the government. The currency in Germany was the German mark before joining the EU
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3 interesting facts

Germany was the country where nazis started

Over 100 Germans have one the Nobel peace prize

Germany won this years world cup


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