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Now Through March 31st Only

I am extending a special Spring Break on Shipping offer to you my first Beautycounter clients, valid now through March 31st (10pm CST deadline).

For clients in the Twin Cities: I will place a personal order next Tuesday 3/31, and I'll include your products on my order*. Check your bottle levels, add a new Lip Sheer or Blush to give your spring look a pop of color (my new favorite I'm wearing is Flamingo/Apricot), try the new hand cream and email or text me with your list! We'll make arrangements so that I can get them to you, and you can just pay me!

For clients outside of the Twin Cities: Place an order on my website by March 31st. Once you've done that, I will reimburse you for the shipping by simply mailing you $5 to reimburse you.

*I am not able to apply product credits to your orders. However, if you order directly through my website you can apply your product credits and I will reimburse your shipping.

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Jennifer Bateman Grover


Sr. Consultant

Wow, it has been a pleasure meeting and working with each and everyone of you!

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