Hoofbeat News eLearning Edition

March 23, 2020

Principal's Message

We hope that your at home learning is going well. Our staff worked very hard to prepare for the students. Please contact us if you need anything. We understand that this process can be difficult on families. Please don't stress if you don't get all assignments completed. We want to see our students engaged and attempting to learn, but realize each family has unique circumstances.

We would love to receive pictures of your children completing their work so we can add it to our website. Teachers have been communicating with you different ways to access eLearning and how to turn in work. Please stay in contact with them and reach out if you need anything. There are extra resources on the eLearning Website below, as well as a FAQ guide.

With the uncertainty of what will happen in the next few weeks, just know that we will keep you updated with any changes as soon as we know. We have taken feedback and will adjust plans accordingly should we have to do this again. Please tell your children that we greatly miss seeing them. Please stay safe!


Adam Fantone


Fun Things to Come

  • We were planning on doing a parade of cars through our neighborhoods, but after Governor McMaster's press conference today, we have decided not to for the safety of everyone.
  • We are working on some fun, optional ideas to share with you and our students over the next couple of days, but here is a sneak peek of some things coming your way.
  1. Upcoming spirit week.
  2. Fun videos from our staff.
  3. More fun links from our Related Arts staff.

Fun With Related Arts

Join us in these optional activities provided to you by the Related Arts Teachers.

Mrs. Kendall’s workout- https://drive.google.com/a/fmsdmail.org/file/d/1q2HxhEgHruxl40Vg2EV8sKn_zv0S4U6A/view?usp=drivesdk

Mrs. Ficklen's Read Alouds-






Mr. McCurley's Virtual Music Class- https://sites.google.com/fmsdmail.org/mr-mccurleys-elearning/

Mrs. Martin 5th Grade Art Contest- (5th Only) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wDS9jQ-jEGBGV3sdu3eTyB-cHp917inJ7EVvECsVXMw/edit

Mrs. Cageao- has a subscription to Shapegrams. The first 4 Shapegrams are free. There are many drawing and general tool bar skills to learn while having fun. She will be adding a Google Classroom to link the next shapegrams starting March 30th. The code to link to the Shapegram Classroom will be available next week.