Buckingham Brief

October 31, 2019

Looking Ahead...

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10/31-Halloween Parade 9:30am


11/3- Daylight Savings (Fall Back)

11/11-Veterans Day National Holiday

11/12- Picture Retake

11/27-11/29-No School/Thanksgiving Break

Third Grade PEN Trip

3rd grade PEN students participated in a walking tour and scavenger hunt for various architectural features they are learning about this year in PEN. They learned about the history of some of the oldest buildings in town and the variety of architectural styles of those buildings.

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Buckingham Coffee & Books

Mrs. Kraus hosted a first "Buckingham Coffee & Books". Teachers could review age-appropriate selections in various categories like "Chapter Books, Grades 4, 5, 6" as well as themes such as "Diversity." The before-school turnout was great and teachers loved the opportunity to enrich their students' literacy experiences.

Scientists in Action

Mrs. Fillette’s class practiced using our “I Wonder” Circle as we wondered, thought, tried, observed, recorded, discovered, and wondered again! Students were given lots of random supplies to explore and wonder about. Students created and tested their own experiments! We are scientists in action!


Kindergarteners measuring with Non-Standard Units.

First Grade Field Trip to Howell

First grade students took a field trip to Howell Living History Farm. While there, they learned about corn farming from the early 1900’s. Students picked, shelled, and ground corn. In the kitchen, they cooked and ate popcorn, churned milk into butter, gathered wood for the fire and eggs from the chicken coop. They also cooked and ate delicious corn bread. First graders learned that children on the farm had many chores and worked hard to help keep the farm running.

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Quest Class

Students in Quest use their design skills to craft boats. From planning and collaborating to eventually trial and error students, figure out what works best.

Mrs. Fillette's Class

In connection with this week’s Good Habits, Great Readers shared reading book, Shadows, Mrs. Fillette’s class went outside for a shadow hunt. Students drew shadows and discovered what creates a shadow.


PM Kindergarten gets support from the sixth grade cheering section. The oldest student supporting the youngest - 1 Team Wins!
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Mrs. Reigner's Reading

Mrs. Reigner's Class enjoyed some flashlight/fort reading this afternoon. A good way to relax for a bit on an exciting, Halloween day!

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Central Bucks School District

Superintendent: John J. Kopicki, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent- Elementary: Nadine Garvin, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent-Secondary: Abram Lucabaugh, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services: Alexis McGloin, Ed.D.

Buckingham Elementary School

Principal: Mr. Daniel P. Estep

Principal's Secretary: Mrs. Janice Petrie