BSD Rundown

Chalk it up to Teacher Appreciation Week -- Celebrations!

Special Edition: May 5, 2016

What a Wonderful Night!

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Support Staff of the Year Candidates

Congratulations to all of the nominees -- when making the videos, it was as if I had a sneak peek into how amazing each one of you truly are. We are all grateful for the service and dedication you bring to your role, your peers, and our students. Thank you!

BHS: Barbara January

BMS/FC: Carole Smith

Mill Creek: Jordan Comeau

Cambridge: Michaelyn Orlick
Gladden: Vickie Goicoechea

Hillcrest: Bree Price
Kentucky Trail: Drew Bates

Scott: Christopher Beasley
BOSCO: Betsy Warren

Grace: Jaime Michaelree

Technology: Jaime Patton

Teacher of the Year Candidates

I already knew you each were fantastic choices for this list, but when creating your videos -- reading what colleagues, principals, parents, and students had to say about I am not a weepy person by any stretch of the imagination, but I was moved to brimming tears on more than one occasion. THANK YOU for the example you set, the energy you bring, the empathy in endless supply, and the exciting year you have given us!

BHS: Djana Trofimoff

BMS/FC: Kim Loman
Mill Creek: Tricia Querry

Cambridge: Elaine Wilson
Gladden: Stacy Miller

Hillcrest: Katie Nail
Kentucky Trail: Lori Blankenship

Scott: Tammy Ewert
BOSCO: Don Farrell

Grace: Laura Linn

Congratulations to the 2015-16 Retirees

A combined 90 years in education is commemorated here. Thank you for're going to love seeing who we become because of the lasting impacts each of you have made.
2015 16 Retirees