Weather or Not

Day 2: Land Breezes vs. Sea Breezes

by: harper mcdonald and piper stilwell

Land vs. Sea Breezes Lab - Materials

Candle (1)

Incense (1)

Chimney (2)

Land vs. Sea Breezes Lab - Hypothesis

We think that the land will heat up the fastest because the sea is somewhat below the land; in a convection current, hot air rises and cold air sinks, so the hot air will "rise" towards the land.

Land vs. Sea Breezes Lab - Procedure

1. Place the candle under a chimney.

2. Place the incense under the other chimney.

3. Light the incense. What happens to the smoke?

4. Light the candle. What now happens to the smoke?

Land vs. sea breezes lab - conclusion

The lighted candle and lighted incense both created hot air that rose out of the same chimney, and the cooler air sank through the other chimney, creating a convection current. Our hypothesis was somewhat correct because we thought that the land would heat faster, which it does, in the daytime. In the nighttime, the sea actually cools off faster than the land.

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