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Week ahead and information updates.

Thanks for a fantastic week!! We are settling in and students are engaged and learning in classrooms – yeah! We appreciate you taking the time to review how to walk in the hallways, removing hats and other basic routines with you students which is clear as they are doing a great job. Thanks go to Jenn H., Katie and our student presenters for getting our Terry Fox event up and running:)

The following are some updates for us:

IEPs – Connect with April and Brendhon if you need support with your IEPs. Please submit your IEPs to the office by Oct. 5 so that we may read/sign them prior to sending home on Oct. 18.

Computer Use agreements for students - please keep these in your classroom where you can refer to them if necessary, thanks.

Student Activities –The staff leadership roles list is now posted in the staffroom, have a look to see if there is something that interests you. You may have a passion that is not identified presently. Feel free to add your ideas.

Safety Weeks – We will plan to run safety week during the weeks of Sept. 19 – Oct. 7 During these 3 weeks we will plan to have 2-3 fire drills (weather dependent) and one lockdown drill. Please talk to your students about lockdowns (in a developmentally appropriate way…ie) for younger students it could be explained as needed when there is an animal in the building – skunk is a good one:) The purpose if not the scare students, but for them to appreciate the need to be quiet during these drills. Please ensure that your emergency envelope is visibly hanging in your classroom and touch base with April or Brigid if you have any questions. Please spend time practicing/reviewing your new fire exits that are indicated in the posters in your rooms. At our SAC meeting this week, parents were asking about messaging to students about what to do if they are outside of their classroom during a lockdown. Please review your emergency envelopes and if you have any questions at all, please ask. Thanks for your help with this.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Week Ahead for Sept. 19-23, 2016

Monday, Sept. 19

Day 5

-April to AIPS am

- Staff meeting BPS 3:45

Tuesday, Sept. 20

Day 1

- Photo day– staff photo 8:40 am(gym closed all day)

-Girls’ soccer 3:30-4:30

- AIPS Open house and SAC 6pm

Wednesday, Sept. 21

Day 2

-Fire drill 11:30 am

-Brigid meeting @ Odessa 2:30 pm

-Running Club 3:30-4:30

Thursday, Sept. 22

Day 3

-9 am Supervising Principal Alison McDonnell visiting

-April to AIPS am

-Elaine, Megan, April & Cindy to George Couros

Friday, Sept. 23

Day 4

-April at PD (am), Brigid at PD (pm)

-K-1 classes to orchard

If you have upcoming events that the school should be aware of in the week ahead, please submit those to Brigid by noon on Fridays.

Looking ahead:

Mon. Sept. 26/ Day 5 – April to AIPS am, Fire drill 2pm

Tues., Sept. 27/ Day 1 – Soccer tournament - Boys & Girls

Wed., Sept. 28/ Day 2 – Brigid at PD, Running Club 3:30-4:30

Thurs., Sept.29/ Day 3 – April to AIPS am, Terry Fox event BPS 2pm, Open House (SAC BBQ 5:30-6:30, classrooms open 6-7pm)

Fri., Sept. 30/ Day – PA Day, meeting at BPS early hours

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