Macbeth; Act 5 Scene 5

1979, Trevor Nunn version and 2010, Rupert Goold version

Text compared to the Films

The 1979 version of the movie Macbeth, in the movie it seemed to be like a play which is what Shakespear does. Although the scenery was more like the book, the 2010 version is more like the book because of how they made Macbeth act when he found out he that Lady Macbeth died. I liked the 2010 movie better because it helped me understand the text better then the 1979 movie.

Difference & Similarity between the two films

A difference that I noticed between the two movies is that in the 1979 version, Macbeth was very indifferent when he found out Lady Macbeth died. He didn't really show any emotion towards the news, but he was nervous because he knew that his time was coming now. It was significant because how he acted in the book was that he was upset, but she was going to die some day.

A similarity of the two films is that both films made Macbeth the same. An evil man just wanting to kill people, now with a dead wife he has nothing to lose. Just his own life. This is significant because in the book, he turned out to be a very dark and evil man towards the end of the book. Just like they did in both films.