Clase de Español

Important Updates.

I am proud of everyone because I know you are working hard. There are a few important updates:

  • when taking quizzes and tests, please make sure and save your work.
  • when submitting projects, make sure you include the AUDIO because it is part of the grade for the project, without AUDIO, you will not EARN a successful grade.
  • when contacting me via email, please make sure and include a subject, a detail message with the name of the chapter and details on the issue. When possible include a screenshot of the issue.
  • Keep up the good work!!

Show off your Spanish skills.

GaVS World Languages Speaking Event

Date: Thursday, November 12, 2015

Time: 6PM - 9PM

Place: Adobe Connect

GaVS World Languge Speaking Event

Registration Deadline - October 30

Show off your language skills! Register for the World Language Speaking Event!

Every Fall the World Language Department invites all Chinese, Japanese, Latin, German, French, and Spanish World Language students to participate in the GaVS World Language Speaking Event. The event is open to all students enrolled in first year through AP language courses. Outstanding speakers will be awarded the GaVS World Language speaking badge.

Contact your World Language instructor for details.

Synchronous Sessions

Every Wednesday at 630pm- I have office hours in which you can come and ask questions about the chapters, grammar, vocabulary and any other question you might have about the course. I won't be able to assist you with grades but I can help you understand or clarify any confusion you might have.

Take advantage of this. The link to enter the adobe classroom is located under the course information widget.