Dream vaction: Hawaii

By; Bradford parker


It is locatedvin the middle of the pacific ocean. I want to go to Hawaii because i see many times on T.V. and it would be a dream vaction.What it so special about it is that he has amazing veiws and beutiful sights.

Hawaii facts

1. It contains 8 main islands 2. it is the only state that grows coffee 3. there are only 12 alphabet letters 4. Hawaii wos the 50th sate to join the united states. 5. it is the worldwide leader in macadamia nuts. 6. Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world 7. kilauea lki is the most active volcano in the world 8. island of lanai was one of the worldwide leader of pineapple plantations. 9. it is also considered the most secluded 10. island of kauai id the fourth largest island.


It will take me 14 hours and 17 minutes. it is 3,794 miles away from here. i will pobably take my mom. i will take a plane using delta. I will stay there for 4 days.


I will stay at the Courtyard by Marriot king hotel. A double room and two bathroom room.

I will probably pack mostly clothes and but souvenirs in for the rest.


My trip will cost 2,875 dollars. lodging will cost 161 dollars. spending money will be 500 dollars. food will cost 100 dollars. travel will cost 2,100 dollars.


While i am there i will probably go surfing, zip lining, and hiking. i am also able to do scuba diving, parasailing, rafting tours, and also fishing.

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