Mustang Message

September 18, 2017

A Principal's Perspective

Please take the time to watch this graduation speech by Denzel Washington. It will inspire, challenge, and hopefully connect with our collective work at Greens Prairie.

What resonates with you as a GP staff member, a teacher, and personally? To me, what is a resounding connection is his challenge to fail big. Don't be afraid to fail. When we take a chance professionally we fuel our passion as learners and teachers. Playing it safe often times leads to us becoming stagnate in our learning and teaching. We only live once. We only have these students in this grade level this one year. Many times, taking a risk, to not be afraid to fail big requires us to think outside the box. If we want our students to be creative, outside the box thinkers we must be bold and be outside the box thinkers as well. What have you wanted to try this year? What barriers are in the way? What is your first step? How can I and your colleagues support you?

In our daily work, we find ourselves on that busy, non-stop getting things done cycle. Is our work moving us to daily, weekly, monthly and even our yearly goals? Are our goals helping us to achieve our dreams? "Dreams without goals are just dreams." How does that apply to us? As Denzel states it does take a plan and the ability to work the plan which requires discipline and consistency. What are your dreams this year? What goals will you have in place to achieve those dreams? How will you work your plan to make the dream a reality? How do we do this as a staff?

Fail big, don't be afraid to fail, take a risk professionally, think outside of the box, don't confuse movement with progress, and dream big all will help each of us and as a GP staff to not just aspire to make a living but aspire to make a difference.

Be Innovative - Design the possibilities!


Morning Duties of the Week

Gym & Morning Assembly (7:20): Brice

Gym (7:20): Eddy

Parent Drop Off Direct Traffic (7:20): Seagraves

Parent Drop Off Car Doors (7:20): Littlefield & Galow

Cafeteria (7:20): Murphy

Bus (7:15 - Buses/ Cafeteria after all buses arrive): Jankowski

Counselor Schedule: 4 Grade

Librarian: GP

Week at a Glance

Campus Social Focus: Mustang Spirit (video link: ) I - Include Others

Monday: Wear Gray; Specialists/Leadership Meeting 2:45-4:00; 3 Week Progress Reports Due by 8:00; Campus Council agenda items due

Tuesday: Wear Maroon & White; Hurricane Harvey Relief - Liberty ISD-GP's adopted school: Make a donation wear hat/jeans (envelope will be outside Casey's office); Campus Council - Send agenda items to Donna by Monday, 9/18

Wednesday: Cafeteria monitor meeting with Ballard in conference room 3:15

Thursday: 8:40 Fire Drill

Friday: K-4th Math Meetings during conference time

News & Notes


GP Social Dues: Dues are $25 for full-time staff, $12.50 for part-time staff and $15 for paraprofessionals. Please pay your grade level Social Rep. Our goal is to collect all the dues by Tuesday, October 31st. See Social Committee tab below in this Smore.

Science Hours: Science district reps - please turn in your team's plan on how your team is incorporating science instructional minutes into the day. Please give to grade level leader to bring to Campus Council.

After School Clubs: In past years, we have offered many after school clubs to enrich our students. If you are planning an after school club, please send me the following: club name, grade level, dates, & time.

GRANTS: Education Foundation Grants are due Wednesday, Oct. 4th. Writing a grant is a great way to implement that out of the box idea. If you need assistance in writing the grant, please come see me. The Education Foundation Grants and PTO grants are an easy way to fund your ideas to action.

Lesson Plans & Schedules: Lesson plans are due on Mondays. Please copy your lesson plan into your grade level folder on Teacher Scratch. Also if you have not done so, please copy your schedule over to Teacher Scratch as well.

FERPA Training: If you were not able to attend the riveting FERPA training, please plan to attend a very short training on Monday, September 25th, at 3:30. Training will be in the conference room. Remember this is a required CSISD training.

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Social Committee

Click here for Social Committee info.

Mustang Yee Haws!

We welcome Kendra Gilpatrick to our school family! She will have her new class of kindergartners on Monday! Welcome Kendra!