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October 8, 2021

Attendance Reminder and Request

Dear Shawnee Community,

Our school is at its best with everyone in the building. With this, we would like to emphasize the importance of arriving on time each day. In our last newsletter, we shared information regarding our attendance and late policy. The week of 10/11 features some schedule changes that will impact all our students.

The student handbook details the new late to school policy as part of the behavioral guidelines (page 18). There are four levels of lates, based on the time of student arrival. Students who accumulate lates are subject to discipline. Additionally, please note that each level of lateness carries its own set of discipline; any student who arrives, unexcused, after 7:46AM will receive a detention on the first offense.

Students who arrives after 7:30AM must enter via the main office, where they will sign-in with the attendance clerk.

Attendance Information

  • Please submit all notes (college, doctor, or parent) for the attendance office via email. Hard copies of documents should be scanned and sent to
  • Students who have a note to leave school early must also have verbal permission from a parent or guardian.
  • Students who leave school early are subject to discipline in the same manner as students who arrive late. Please see page 19 in the student handbook for more information.

Schedule Changes for the Week of 10/11

Monday, October 11th

  • Monday is a single-session day for students.
  • Dismissal is 11:55AM; no lunch will be provided on this day.

Wednesday, October 13th

  • The PSAT will be administered to all 9th, 10th, and 11th graders and some 12th graders, beginning at 7:30AM.
  • Students will receive an email early next week that will contain their testing location and other important testing information.
  • All non-testing seniors must be in the building by 10:27 AM.
  • Seniors must enter via the Auditorium Entrance.
  • Option 2 students must be present for the Senior Presentation to receive credit for the day.

Please continue to screen for Covid-19 symptoms.

Students should not attend school if they do not feel well. It remains paramount for everyone in the building to wear properly fitting masks that cover one's nose and mouth. Students who are unvaccinated or do not wear properly fitting masks will need to quarantine if deemed a close-contact.

Lastly, we happily opened our doors this past Thursday for Back to School Night. Thank you for respecting our social distancing and masking procedures throughout the evening. We, as a community,

Thank you,

Matthew Campbell

Additional Notes and Links

Gym Parking Relocation

Construction to update our tennis courts is set to begin on October 18th. As a result, the student gym parking spots will be temporarily relocated to behind the gym. Your current parking spot number will be painted in a designated spot in the parking lot located behind the gym. This will remain your new parking spot until the construction of the tennis courts is complete. We will hold a meeting the week of 10/11 during lunch and learn to provide more information.

End of School Day Pick-Up and Parking

To ensure the safety of our students and extended school community, students should not cross Tabernacle Road to be picked up in the parking lot across the street. Additionally, parents and guardians should not be parking and interfering with student vehicles attempting to exit the Field Hockey parking lot.

Goodwill Team Competition: Please consider donating your gently used clothing and other items, such as shoes, accessories, and blankets. There is a competition among the schools to see if we can collectively Be Better Together and beat 2019’s total of 97,778 pounds. Collection bins will be located in the main office hallway and in the cafeteria. The Goodwill collection will end on November 19th.

Spirit Week at Shawnee:

Monday 11th - Sports or College Jersey Day

Tuesday 12th - Tie Dye Day

Wednesday 13th - Dress for Success Day

Thursday 14th - Tropical / Hawaiian Day

Friday 15th - Blue Pride / Class T-shirt Day

  • Proper mask wearing is an essential part of keeping students in school. Masks must cover one's nose and mouth.

  • The lunch menu is available online.

  • All students have access to a free breakfast and lunch in the building.

  • Juniors with a license are now eligible to apply for parking.

  • Students can visit the counseling center to learn about colleges coming to visit our school.

  • Visit our school's official Twitter account to learn more about upcoming club meetings!
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