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Watching movies makes you smarter

Movie Genuis

According to scientists, watching movies actually increases your brain capacity and increases brain activity. This in turn makes people who watch movies smarter. According to scientific studies those who watch movies regularly have higher IQ scores and they also are more knowledgeable on many different subjects.

Popcorn Prices Drop!


The price of popcorn has tremendously dropped! Some are speculating that because the price of popcorn is decreasing, many people are expected to go out to the movies or to sporting events. Get your butter on and have a blast.

Netflix Lowers Monthly Cost

Stay In Friday Night

Netflix has decided to lower its monthly prices from $8 to $6. If I were you I'd skip the premiere of Paranormal Activity seventy something and watch Netflix instead. These prices are getting ridiculously low.

Many Movie Critics Have Moved Close to the New AMC Theater

Open for Business

Many renowned movie critics across the nation have decided to move close to an AMC movie theater in Los Angeles, California. When we asked one of the critics, he said the reason many of them were moving near this particular AMC theater is because of the new high quality projectors that this theater was using. This is the only theater in the world to have these new 4k projectors.

Movie Theater Tickets Expected to Rise

May The Large Prices Be With You

Because of the new Star Wars movie, AMC theaters is speculating on whether to raise its prices or not. If you are planning on watching the new Star Wars you should pre-order your tickets now! Get them while they are still cheap or you will suffer the consequences.

Government Increases Minimum Wage

Don't Need a Degree

The national government has decided to increase the minimum wage in all 50 states to $15 an hour. Because of this, consumers will purchase more things and in turn, our economy will get the increase and we will get us out of the recession we have been suffering from. Many people are going to be buying more phones, going to the movies more often, and eating at more expensive restaurants because of this.