Susan B. Anthony

"Independence is Happiness."

Susan B. Anthony the early years.

She was raised in West Grove, Adams Massachusetts. Susan was the second oldest of seven siblings. Susan B. Anthony grew up to believe in hard work and a simple life. When she was six years old she moved from Adams Massachusetts to Battenville, New York.


Susan B. Anthony became a progressive/ muckraker because Susan was the leader of The Women Suffrage Movement. She fought for women's rights like the right to vote. The Women's Suffrage had two organizations one was the National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA) and the National Women's Party (NWP).

The Life of Susan B. Anthony

Major Accomplishments

Accomplishments of Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony fought for equal rights. Susan was a co-founder for the National Women's Suffrage Association. Susan B. Anthony was rewarded for her accomplishments with the 19th amendment to the U.S constitution.

My Research

The reason why I choice Susan B. Anthony was because I learned a little bit about Susan before and I wanted to learn more. Susan B. Anthony is such an inspiring person for what she fought for. If it wasn't for Susan B. Anthony women would never gotten the rights for women and the equal rights. She's a major important person in American history.