Costa Rica

By: Chris Joseph

Some reasons why tourists hold visit Costa Rica

People should visit Costa Rica it has a lot fascinating physical features like the beautiful beaches glorious mountains and wonderful valcanoes

Cool impoted stuff that helps Costa Rica run smoothly

Costa Rica imports a lot of things they import refined petroleum,integrated circuits,and printed circuit boards from countries all around the world like the United states ,the Netherlands ,Mexico,China and Malaysia. They also exports goods to help other countries run smoothly as well like machine parts and medical instruments to the same places but also panama.

There are some very beautiful sites in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a special type of currency they have the Costa Rican colon

About the government

They have a socialism as there economic system there president is Luis guillermosolis

Costa Rica is panama next door neighbor and they have a constitutional democracy

And they have no conflicts with any countries they were controlled by Spain and won't here freedom in 1821 and France alo geutamala the Capitol is San jose