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6-12 ELAR Communique: #1

I hope that the start of your 2014-15 School Year has been successful and smooth! I cannot begin to list all of the wonderful things I have seen and heard from you over the past five weeks. The list is LONG, and it is long because of your excitement about and commitment to "innovative and meaningful" instruction. I am so proud of the work we are doing as a district: building a community that values both reading and writing, and moving students from struggle to success! Thank you, for all you do for students!! Keep it going!!

I will be putting out this "Communique" to periodically inform you about upcoming events, get your input and share news about the great things going on around LEISD.

NOVELS: Protected Reading List

We are extending the deadline for completing your grade level's input for our protected reading list to THIS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th. Speak now...


Please check the links in Forethought! There are MANY new resources added to every grade level! Have something you would like to share? You can send me an email with any resource you have found to be successful with students and I will add it to our repertoire of instructional activities.
Unlocking Complex Texts: Poetry

Selections, Questions and Strategies to help students unlock this sometimes trick genre!


A great way to see what students are reading in your grade level across the country. This site also has some interesting infographics and text features that you could use to support classroom instruction.

6 Tips for Secondary Small Group Instruction

All the ins and outs, theory and structure for small group instruction.

The Small Group Secondary Intervention Classroom


Upcoming Cadres:

Nov 3-Middle School

Nov 10-High School

LEISD Unit Test Calendar

You can use this link to view the entire calendar and add your specific tests to your personal calendar!!

Ashley Helms-ELAR Coordinator

Please contact me with any of your ELAR needs! I am HERE FOR YOU! Follow me on twitter/pinterest for activities and instructional resources!