Occupy Wall Street

New York, Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street: the story behind seven months of protest

Why Did it start?

  • from frustration from an economic slowdown of banks and mortgage lenders failing in 2008
  • there was economic inequality and it started protests in New York on September 2011
  • there are people from all over the county going to support

how did people react ?

  • They protested all around New York city but mainly wall street
  • they had sines and groups of people rally
  • their point was unclear and what could be done
  • the wanted equality in economics
  • some protests did get aggressive with police brutality

what happen ?

it started question around the world of economics equality. All over america protest rise up for the cause. Government officials are split on whether to give in or say it is already balanced. There has been change in the system though giving the protest a purpose

assessment question

During the protest they set up by an important economic building and stay there with sines to show what they want. They wanted economic equality for the medium and low wealth income. They felt like that the system favored the wealthy and not the pore. Some of the protest became violent with police and people and in the end there were over 7000 arrests. even though there was police brutality the stood by there cause. They belied in what they wanted fixed by the government.