The Hunger Games

Not just entertainment!


The Hunger Games is a well known book and movie, but for most people it is just seen as entertainment. In my class we watch the movie with a different view (some of it anyways), connecting it to the 4 units and E.U.'s (Enduring Understanding) we had learned. First off the E.U.'s are

  • Geography and globalization influence where, how, and why people live where they do
  • Humans migrate, create cultural mosaics and balance the force of cooperation and conflict between different peoples
  • Exploitation and competition over natural resources and interactions between major belief systems may create conflict
  • People are a part of groups that gain and lose power over time, creating differing individual rights and varying degrees of freedom
To connect to the first unit, it would be how the districts and capital live the way they do. Due to the globalization of their world, the districts had to take different jobs which all feed back to the capital. This is why the capital has the way they live, being glamoured and in colorful clothing. But the districts all become poorer as they get farther away from the capital and only the top 3-4 districts have any wealth. So it is due to that world's globalization that the people of the districts have to live the way they due, but the world's geography is also a cause for it because of where the resources the districts have to work with that put them where they are.

To connect to unit 2, the districts and capital create a large mosaic where the capital is center of all power. The people of the districts had to migrate to the regions they are in to reach their resources but in turn created a mosaic of their social standing. To support the other point the capital "balances" the forces of cooperation and conflict with the Hunger Games. The capital says they have the Hunger Games to increase cooperation with the districts, but in reality they are just giving a brutal entertainment system. Though the Hunger Games does keep conflict between the capital and districts at bay, until Katniss shows up.

Next is unit 3, to connect is the conflict between the capital and districts in both ideas and natural resources. The capital holds control over all the resources in the world and uses it for themselves, this creates conflict between the districts because they don't have enough supplies for themselves to survive. This becomes more evident when Katniss comes into play and her rebellion. And the conflict between ideas of each of the capital and district standards. The districts create conflict with the capital because they have such a low standard of living when the capital lives in luxury.

Lastly is unit 4, and to connect is how the capital loses power over the districts due to Katniss. Katniss causes this due to the rebellion she leads towards the capital and how the districts no longer listen to the capital. And this causes varying in the districts rights and freedoms, giving them more then when they were under the capitals full control.


The Hunger Games can be connected to the world we live in, past and present. Now the idea of the Hunger Games, the having people kill each other for amusement hasn't happened to our knowledge in recent times. But is ancient times the Greeks and Romans did do this with gladiators, but this has long since pasted. So to connect to recent times is the action of people in control having much better standards then the ones doing the work for them. This can be applied to the entire world and will always be, people in control will always have the power over the working class and will take advantage at some point. Most evident is in the Middle East currently with the ones in charge having all the wealth and the rest in poverty. But it is applied to every country in the world to an extent.

Now will the Hunger Games society be attained in our world? Maybe, when it all goes down hill there will most certainly be others taking advantage and create some sort of order, whether majorly corrupt or less corrupt. It may not be exact with having the Hunger Games but it is certainly a possibility.


Now this can be a little difficult without completely repeating myself. To connect to me personally, it would the difference in power, but this is very minuscule. It is power of school over students in our school. Now this is very small because one student against the school district is not going to make too much of a difference, though they easily can is certain situations. But if many students go against a school district it will create a major difference. And so that is all I can connect to personally, and this concludes this report.