Deep and Dark and Dangerous

A Ghost Story By: Mary Downing Hahn (180 Pages)


The lake may not be big enough for T and Ali.

Will she survive?

Summer is begining and Ali is wondering. Ali found a picture of her mom and her aunt from the lake when they were kids, but someone is ripped off with the initial T. Her aunt is going there to focus on painting. But she needs a babysitter. Ali thought this was a perfect time to investigate. But when there she meets sissy, who is very mysterious and is not liked by Ali. Will Ali survive or will the lake, Sissy, and T get to her first? Read the book to find out!!!


The theme of this story was to always keep clam. Ali never freaked out even when sissy took Emma into her ownn hands. She always kept her cool and made sure everyone is ok. I took alot out of this. i now know that when theres a problem i will always stay calm and try my hardest to figure the problem out calmly.


This is a first person viewed book. Ali always is talking herself.


the main characters are Ali, Sissy, Emma, and Aunt Dulcie.


the setting takes place at the beginning in Ali's house. It then goes to the lake.