Friday, January 8th, 2016

Mrs. Jackson's Pre-K

Happy New Year!

2016 is starting off with a bang! Everyone returned to school ready to learn and play! It's going to be a fun month full of learning and we are so excited to see these sweet little ones grow during these last months of school!

We will continue to hope for snow...and as we do, we will be having some fun with snow, snowmen, snowflakes, winter weather, and more! It's going to be a fun month!

New Year = New Things!

Over the holidays we got a shipment of new things to enjoy in our classroom! We have new play-dough, a huge car mat, math folder games, baby dolls, bean bags for music and movement, dry erase boards, scooters, helmets, art materials, books, and more! I am most excited about our math games and dry erase boards. We will be diving deeper into our handwriting program (Handwriting Without Tears) and our dry erase boards will be so much fun. We have 22 so that is one for each student. I would like to ask each of you to send in a pack of dry erase markers for your child to use with these. We will label the markers individually for their use. I know we will see huge progress in handwriting skills and have a lot of fun with this program. It's been one of my favorite ways to help students learn to write for many years!

Mid-Year Conferences!

I am truly enjoying our mid-year conferences and looking forward to those of you who have conferences coming up! The students are so excited when I tell them I get to meet with each of you and tell you how incredible they are! If you have not scheduled your conference, please be sure to do so now. I have to turn my conference log and signatures in by the end of this month. I will send an e-mail with sign up link to anyone I do not have on my schedule at this time.

Winter Dramatic Play!

Our Holiday Santa Shop was a hit! Students enjoyed wrapping "gifts" and taping EVERYTHING they could find! Thank you for helping us make our shop a success! This month, we would like to have a Winter Shop! Please send in any gloves and mittens you may not be using. All items that are labeled will be returned at the end of January. We will be sorting, matching, "buying and selling", and even playing some fun games while wearing gloves and mittens! Thanks, as always, for helping us make this so much fun for everyone!

Show-n-Tell Fridays!

Just a reminder that we have Show-n-Tell every Friday morning! Students may bring in ONE item (that fits in their backpack) to show and tell their friends about. It's truly so much fun to watch and listen to them and hear the great questions they ask, too. We work on so much during this time; social skills, self-esteem, manners, language, leader skills, self-expression, and the list goes on and on!

Please be sure to label your item. We allow the students to play with their show-n-tell during free choice centers on Fridays, too!


*glue sticks

*pack of dry erase markers-at least 2 markers, any color (for your child to use, we will label)

*gloves and mittens

Coming Soon....

  • Monday, January 18th: Martin Luther King Jr.s' Birthday- NO SCHOOL
  • Wednesday, January 20th: 100th Day of School! (More info to come...we will dress like we are 100 years old!)
  • Thursday, January 21st: Truitt's Pizza Family Night
  • Tuesday, January 26th: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night