ABC's of ww2

Gerson Nieto

A is for ...

the axis powers the countries of italy germany and japan

b is for..

beaches paradise island nice islands were they touch

C is for..

convoy vehicle or ships used forwars

D is for...

d day a famous day is an important war had faught

E is for..

enigna was a machine invented during war to end the war

F is for..

foxhole is a fighting position in a war of fight

G is for....

gold beach ,was one of the five designated beach were they fought in war word 2

H is for ..

higging boat it was a small company of boats owned on the plantation of andrew jackson

I is for...

invasion of poland also know as conpains defensive war in 1939

J is for..

June beach was the 2nd beach from the last among the five landing

K is for..

kamikaze it was part of Japan who fought in the war

L is for...

Landing draft ,are boats and seagoning we use to convoy a landing force

M is for

moralia is the home front covers is active

N is for

normandy We're the land operate dn6 sure 999 of the allied invation

O is for..

overland was the name of the war of battle of normand

P is for

paratroopers were an elite image of both sides of the war

Q is for

quising is the son of the church of normay pastor scientific development

R is for..

Roosevelt was the 2nd president of the union of the united states and the only chieft executive

S is for..

sabotage is a deliverate action st awakening a policy or corporation

T is for

teamwork women's factories work hers of the war ww2

U is for

Utah beach ,one of the five beach of five nations landing areas

V is for..

v;mail short for victory mail washed started the process fuduring the schools

W is for ...

world war 2 also know as the second world mrs recent grestwar

X is for

xray was a raul that had been discovered long before the outbreak of ww2

Y is for

yatte conference was a meeting in british dime minewtery

Z is for

zero plans they were a plane used in wars a6m zero used in the war world 2