Trisomy 18


Parts of the body & Symptoms?

The most common name for Trisomy 18 is Edwards Syndrome. Edwards Syndrome is a chromosomal associated with many abnormalities of the body. Many children with this condition usually have a heart defect or many other abnormalities before birth. Certain symptoms of the include a small, abnormally shaped head; a small jaw and mouth; and clenched fist with overlapping fingering.
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How is Trisomy 18 caused and is it inherited?

There isn't any actual cause to Trisomy 18. When your baby is born with Edwards syndrome it happens at random, which means it this disorder is autosomal. It happens when there is an extra chromosome 18 present, causing you to have 3 instead of the usual 2. This disorder is neither recessive or dominant since its only cause is the presence of another chromosome 18.
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How is Trisomy 18 diagnosed and Treated?

Trisomy 18 is diagnosed at pregnancy. This means that any child is able to be born of the condition. Treating this disorder is not exactly easy either, there is no definite treatment to trisomy 18 and any child who take the risk of using the treatment has over a 90% chance of dieing.
Edward's Syndrome(Trisomy 18)-Biology Genetic Project


Trisomy 18 is a common disorder. It happens to every 1 out of 5000 children born every day. These disorder is not inherited in any type of way it happens completely randomly.
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