Chpt. 8 -Settlers From Many Lands

By: Carly, Matti, Jacob, Kaitlin

Push Factors And Pull Factors

Push Factors are the reasons people left their homeland. Pull Factors are attractions of the country to which they are going to.

Moving To America

The main reason people moved to America is to become land owners.

The Largest Group to come to America

The largest groups that came to America were the German Immigrants.

Scandinavian Countries

The countries that make Scandinavia up are Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish. The first group that arrived were the Swedes.The second group that arrived were the Norwegian and they settled in Northeast Iowa, around Decorah.

New Immigrants

The countries that were considered new immigrants were Italian, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, and Russia.

Italian lives

One important part of the Italian's lives was coal mining.

Slaves Before The Civil War

Before the Civil War Iowans thought that slaves should be treated the same.

Changes after the civil war

Some changes given to African American men were they got the right to vote and were able to serve in the Iowa state legislature

Mexican Americans

Mexican Americans were coming to Iowa to work in meat-packing plants.

Recent Immigrants

The most recent immigrants are refugees from Southeast Asia

Tai Dam

Iowans helped the Tai Dam people by helping them find school, jobs, and homes