Solar energy

By: Austin Harrison

Is it renewable?

Solar energy is renewable and can be found all over the world. Although sunlight is not cover ing the entire earth at any given time there is always sunlight on the earth. For instance if there is light ( daytime ) in Asia then it is most likely nighttime in the United States.

How does it produce energy for individuals and whole communities?

Solar energy can produce energy for individuals with solar panels or other devices that can provide more than enough electricity to power one family's home or it can provide energy for entire communities with solar energy farms which can be solar thermal or photovoltaic.

Uses for this energy

Energy from the sun can be taken easily from solar panels and used to power a home. Like the one above. This home has their solar panels on the roof to capture as much sunlight as possible during the day.
One of the many uses for solar energy is to heat the water that is used in your homes. Energy taken from the sun is used to create heat and heat the water that is being stored in the water tank above the solar panel.

Who uses solar energy

Anyone can use solar energy, individuals can use it to power their homes, it can be used to power commercial buildings and to power commercial tools. Country's can also us solar energy to provide energy to their citizens.


Solar energy produces no pollution in the process of creating energy. But the average cost of installing a solar power system is about 15000$ for the average house that has 3 bedrooms. Solar energy is also the most expensive in kilowatt hours.

Environmental impact

Advantages of solar energy

Solar energy does not harm the environment and uses the plentiful energy of the sun to produce electricity that can be renewed every day. Solar energy can also be used to heat water and other things by reflecting sunlight o to a surface or water tank. This process also doesn't use any type of nonrenewable resource so no resources are depleted by using solar energy.

Products of solar energy

No products are produced through the use of solar energy. Although plants do use solar energy in a process called photosynthesis which produces energy for the plants.


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