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By Seth Surratt

The Romans and Egyptian

Architecture is everywhere but some of the best architecture was in Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt. Rome was one of the biggest and more prosperous empires at that time, and as a result, they were masters of architectural design. The Egyptians were also known for their architectural skills. The Romans and Egyptians had some similarities and differences such as ways of building and materials.

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The Romans are mostly known for their architecture that help them on a bigger scale. They used arches which helped them build better than other civilizations. They carved out sides of cliffs so they could hook ropes to them and build in the air. Romans are known for building coliseums and their kingdoms. The Romans had three types to columns called; Doric column, Ionic column, and Corinthian column.

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The Egyptian Pyramids are mostly known as the symbols of ancient Egypt. The pyramids have a square base for the foundation. Buildings were made of mud-brick and roofs were made out of palm branches unless, it was a pyramid or a king's or a queen’s home. They also used large sand bricks to make large triangular tomb called a pyramid.

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Differences and similarities

Both civilizations are well known for their architectural designs, and buildings. A difference is that the Romans used an arch and columns to hold up buildings so they could build on an greater scale. The Egyptians used mud- brick and limestone to hold up the buildings they made. Another difference is that Romans built some buildings for everyone while the Egyptians mostly built things for the wealthy. / /


In conclusion ancient Rome and ancient Egypt were and will always be some of the best civilizations. Rome is best known for their arches, they were used to help them build. Egypt is mostly known for their pyramids. Egyptians used mud-brick and limestone to help construct the buildings. This helps us to realize that ancient Egypt and ancient Rome have accomplished many great things, but they will always be known for some of the best structures in ancient history.

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