How to ROCK your All'asta Party!

A few tips and tricks to making YOUR party the BEST

Thank YOU!

Thank you for hosting an All'asta party in your home! I really appreciate the effort and energy that my amazing hostesses put in to their All'asta parties and it really does mean the world to me! My goal here is to help you reach YOUR goal. Do you want to earn free product? Are you looking to make some money? Sell some great auction things? Get some amazing deals on OTHER people's items? Maybe you are wondering if All'asta is the right business for YOU? Let's chat about that! You can expect a call from me within about 48 hours after booking this party!
You will earn half priced items from our catalog based on total party sales! You will ALSO earn FREE products from our catalog based on catalog sales! Let's get you exactly what YOU want!

Your Guests

Be sure you send your invitations out as soon as we set our date! (We can use Evite, Pingg, Email, Facebook, Post Cards or Flyers or ALL of the above!)

Remember about 1/3 of the folks you invite will be able to make it so, OVERINVITE!

Even if folks are unable to attend, they can order from our catalog! I have included some catalogs for you to pass around and take pre-orders.

We want your guests to bring the VERY best items! They should be thinking consignment store, NOT garage sale!

Set Up

I will arrive about 30 minutes early for your party to get set up.

Fill out the enclosed BID SHEETS for your items BEFORE I arrive. Number them 1a, 1b, 1c etc..

Don't stress about FOOD. Your guests are there to SHOP not have a 5 course meal! Consider serving just dessert after the auction!

I will need your Internet/Wifi password! Please be sure to have that on hand!