Modernism - Joseph Lee - 7b

Different Art Styles


Surrealism was a movement of art that relied on imaginary and dream-like paintings. Dadaism, which was art that went against traditional art, flowed into Surrealism. This movement was first used in the 1920's, with artists like Salvador Dali leading this style.

Abstract Impressionism

Abstract Impressionism was a very distorted and messy style of art, mixing different colors. By using this style, they were trying to express their emotions through only form and art. It was first used in 1930's, and artists like Jackson Pollock and Williem de Kooning were famous for this movement.

Pop Art

Pop art was a movement that started in the 1950's, and some famous artists of the movement were Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. This style used, at the time, modern things and pop culture in their art. Many paintings featured comic strip illustrations, and others contained everyday items such as Campbell Soup cans.

Op Art

Op art was a style of art that was first used in the 1960's. By using optical illusions, it's trying to put perspective, and in the end, to put depth in the painting. Some leading artists in this movement were Victor Vasarely and MC Escher.