The strongly donkey

Description of donkeys

Donkeys are a mammal. They have big ears they are not as tall as a horse they are a littel shorter most of the time. Donkeys have a tail, hooves, and a muzzle. Like Most mammals donkeys have legs, a mouth, eyes ,and fur. Donkeys can come in different colors like white, brown, dark brown, and grey. Donkeys can have long fur but most have short fur. Donkeys have different names such as mule, donkey, or ass.

What people used donkeys for

People used donkeys For protecting their sheep when animals try to attack the goats the donkeys scare them away, they use donkeys for halter breaking cows or horses (donkeys show them how to use the halter), some people just want to have donkeys for pets, donkeys also help other animals in a stable show them how to act and be calm, other people use donkeys to pull or carry objects some objects they pull are humans, and donkeys can pull a plow.

The history behind donkeys

"Donkeys were used in Ancient Egypt to ploughing seed." University collage London says. Donkeys could have been domesticated in Nubia Africa. "The first donkeys Americas on Christopher Columbus's voyage." Wikipedia and Wikipedia

Why donkeys were popular

Donkeys were popular in a lot of ways. One way they were popular is because "A donkey is a good pack animal, because it is very surefooted even on mountain tracks and a rocky area." ( Doll - Etruscan) Donkeys are domesticated animals meaning they are people friendly and you don't have to worry about them purposely hurting anyone & you can have them as pets. Donkeys are hardworking animals you can almost get them to do anything that involves pushing or pulling or carrying. " Donkeys can live to be 50 years old!" ( student encyclopedia)

Student encyclopedia volume 7 date published is 1972-1974 the publisher Is young students learning and Newfield publications


Here are some facts

  • " donkeys were first domesticated about 4500 years ago." ( animal animal animal )
  • " donkeys milk was once used as milk ." (Animal animal animal )
  • " donkeys don't like being alone ." ( Animal Animal Animal)